Gibonotik Biography


Gibonotik is a re-animated skeleton pirate who loyally serves the Dread Pirate Queen Jessenia in whatever capacity she demands of him, be it pillage, plunder, or menial tasks. Given his bond to Jessenia, naturally, much of Gibonotik's past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that Gibonotik has been with Jessenia at least as long as she has been prowling the Nine seas and that he used to be very much a human, known as Ulfgar of the Hill People. According to legend, in his human life, Gibonotik (Ulfgar) was a stalwart adventurer, strong of sinew and mighty of deed! Moving from place to place, Ulfgar would help nobles and peasants alike overcome the evils that haunted their lives, through the strength of his sword as well as that his heart. On one such adventure, he met Jessenia after vanquishing many foes and, falling to her feminine charms, was seduced and set to be converted into a vampiric thrall. Something in the arcane ritual went awry, however, and Gibonotik came out of the process immortal, but with no flesh save his now glowing eyes and no vampiric thirst for blood. 

Bound to serve Jessenia for the rest of his unlife, Gibonotik’s is haunted by memories of his past, be it remembered hunger of the flesh or hunger of the heart. Despite this, Gibonotik harbors no ill-feelings toward Jessenia, and over the centuries the two have formed what could be best be described as a close friendship, although the two of them would be the first to refute this.

Recently, whilst on an errand for Jessenia Gibonotik met and rescued Ariella, the mermaid turned human (by a sea-witch) turned mer-slut (by Jessenia). Gibonotik and Ariella have since formed a close romantic relationship, the first for Gibonotik in centuries, and the first for Ariella with a land-strider. Gibonotik does his best to teach Ariella of the surface world she is now forced to endure, as well as attempt to blunt the overly carnal and violent teachings Jessenia would impress on Ariella. Torn between his vampiric mistress and his under-sea love, Gibonotik’s mind of late is a mess of competing loyalties, bound to come to a head whenever love and duty conflict.

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