Ariella Biography


Born a mermaid in the aristocratic mermaid House Hermit-Crab (of the Shipwrecker's Bay Hermit-Crabs), Ariella spent her early years as most mermaids do, eating small fry and avoiding predation. Once grown to maturity Ariella spent an inordinate amount of time collecting bric-a-bric and composing songs about living under the sea. This latter activity proved somewhat fruitless career wise, as no one can hear you sing under the sea. 

As singing sounded better above the tide-line, Ariella started spending more and more time loitering with her sisters on some nearby above-water rocks, which consequently came to be known as "Mermaid Rock". Ariella would practice her singing, while her sisters would engage in their favorite pastime, preforming fellatio on sailors and fishermen who happened by. Due to the treacherous shoals surrounding Mermaid's rock, sailors rarely survived the return trip, but at least died happy. 

Because of her unwillingness to engage in sailor fellatio with her sisters, Ariella eventually ran afoul of the Great Sea-Witch who, mostly out of jealousy, cursed Ariella to lose her tail in favor of human legs. In her attempt to regain her mermaid hood, Ariella met up with Gibonotik and Jessenia, and after some cum-fueled hijinks and her human condition becoming permanent, Ari became a member of the Black Pearl crew. Ariella now roams the seas with her skeleton love Gibonotik, doing the bidding of her undead mistress, Jessenia.

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