Jessenia Biography

Jessenia the “Dread Pirate Queen”

Little and less historical material exists chronicling the supernatural creature known simply as "Jessenia".  What is known is that she is ancient, very beautiful, as well as very very undead.  Much of existing information on Jessenia concerns her more recent exploits sailing the nine seas (within the last two centuries or so) where she has earned the infamous moniker “The Dread Pirate Queen”.  Her Carrack, the “Black Pearl Necklace”, terrorizes seafaring commerce between dusk and dawn, to the detriment of all. Striking like lightning and vanishing as quickly as it appears, the crew of the Black Pearl Necklace has a knack for absconding with a copious amount of booty, both human and material alike.

What few survivors remain after a raid by the Black Pearl Necklace (often deemed too "fugly" to carry off), often speak of Jessenia's stunning feminine appearance, her tall athletic build, abundant bosom, raven colored hair and piercing orange eyes that eerily glow.  Rumored to be a vampire of some sort to account for her apparent immortality, it is written that Jessenia's bloodlust is matched only by her, well, plain old lust, which she satiates by preying on men and women alike. It is further reported that Jessenia is just as likely to spare your life as she is to force your soul through the veil of the underworld (editor's note: it is unknown if 'veil of the underworld' is a reference to an ethereal plane of existence or Jessenia's pet term for one of more of her carnal cavities).  
While Jessenia's crew is typically composed of the lowest scum of the Nine Seas noted for a lifespan of mere weeks, the core of Jessenia's crew is another matter. It is said that Jessenia's right hand is the reanimated ancient undead warrior known as “Gibonotik” who serves her loyally century after plodding century. It is unknown whether this warrior attends his mistress out of love or as a slave to her dark powers.

The most recent reports of Jessenia have her taking one some manner of ghastly half fish - half human chimera, as pure humans were no longer sufficient to satiate Jessenia’s perverse appetites. The exact nature and appearance of this monster from the deep are unknown, although those same reports also speak of a beautiful maiden of unfamiliar lineage joining Jessenia's crew of late as well. 
It is worth noting that due to nature of the Jessenia threat, any reports on her comings and goings are founded on speculation and rumor, and any such tales of her wild exploits, such her infamous "Night of 101 White Dragons", must be treated with the utmost skepticism. 

Should you or anyone you know come across Jessenia or any of her crew, it is highly recommended that you: RUN, HIDE, and PRAY. If captured, chances are you will either be in for an evening of the most carnally perverted experience imaginable by sane minds, a gruesome death, or as is often the case, both."

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